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BayJen Web - a division of BayJen e-Services, LLC

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You will always have enough pages, products and photos for your website. Save yourself the worries and the hassles of paying for another 5 web pages to add to your first 5. With BayJenWeb.com your limits are so high that you won't need to upgrade and if you do, it's cheap and easy ($1/100 photos, $1/50 web pages, $1/50 products).

natures marketing website page

500 Web Pages

You can have the most comprehensive website, complete with hundreds of pages, and still have room left. BayJenWeb.com gives you more pages, so you can add content without worry.

photo albums layout page sample showing thumbnails you can click on to see the image larger

500 Photos

Easy-to-setup photo albums containing hundreds of photos. Showcase your location, your employees, give virtual tours or step-by-step instructions with the photo feature.

product thumbnails layout page sample

500 Products

Others will charge you hundreds of dollars extra per year to add this many products. You have the confidence in knowing that you can add many products without running out of space.