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BayJen Web - a division of BayJen e-Services, LLC
BayJen corporate

BayJen e-Services, LLC is an eCommerce service provider specializing in helping companies conduct successfull business over the Internet.  We are the simple solution to all your eCommerce needs. We offer everything you need to get started in the wide world of internet retail.  Whether it's assistance with setting up your small business or designing your web store, we have the resources you need to succeed!  

We cater specifically to two groups of people:

Those who want to work from home and

wish start their own eCommerce business or hobby site,


Those who already have their own business

        and need an affordable, easy to maintain eCommerce solution.

Click on the banner below to visit our corporate site BayJen e_Services, LLC.  It's loaded with information designed to help you get started and  then to live long and prosper (sorry, couldn't resist) on the Internet.   Let the professionals at BayJen help you discover the world of possibilities that await.

BayJen e-Services, LLC

You need more than a pretty website.  You need information and training to compete on the internet.  We spend our days looking for information and opportunities that we can share with you.  Please browse our site and let us know if we may be of service to you. 

Is this the time to change your life for the better?