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BayJen Web - a division of BayJen e-Services, LLC

photo album icon

Organize and post up to 500 photos on your photo album pages.

Adding and organizing takes only a few clicks and you can use any photo you have taken.

Photo albums make it easy for visitors to see a group of photos. All the photos are shown in thumbnails (small-sized versions of the photo) that users can click to see the full size image. This means that visitors with slow connections can enjoy your photos easily and quickly.

photo album layout showing 5 thumbnails per row

Thumbnail view

The photos are put onto your web page as thumbnails. Because the thumbnails are small, the page loads extremely fast.

photo album layout showing a mouse hovering over one of the thumbnails

Click on thumbnails

Users then click on the thumbnails to see the full size image.

photo album layout with the image full size

Full size photos

Users can then click on the full size image to go back to the thumbnail view.